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Why Crotto

“The venue has never lost its original identity, fully reflecting the principles of the local cooking tradition. The cuisine itself is prepared with utmost care for an ever evolving menu that offers typical recipes from the Lombardy region, made using natural and genuine ingredients.”

Slow Cooking Association member

The location

Guests are welcomed to two characterful rooms that remind us of that this is an eighteenth-century location, one which was once an old storage cellar, that has also served as a pantry and later as a tavern, as well also as a village meeting place.

The garden

To make the atmosphere created in summer by the veranda, with its garden, even more special, there is an outdoor area with all the hallmarks of times gone by. An excellent summer setting for lunch and dinner in complete freedom and perfect informality.

The place and the history

The history of the Crotto goes way back … Since the eighteenth century it has been used as a hostelry and still today has that special tavern quality and atmosphere. The doors and jambs are original, the brickwork is exposed, and the grates and antique flooring are intact. Over time, the Crotto del Sergente has made itself one of the true reference points for traditional Como cuisine, with the guides always paying particular attention to how the restaurant has evolved.

The unique and very personal environment has two welcoming and cosy dining rooms, furnished with care and complicity, with their wooden chairs and tables. Upstairs there is the Hall of Friendship and the Fireplace Hall. The cellar too is interesting with many bottles on view along its walls. The wines themselves are authentic to these lands and enrich the guest’s understanding of local produce. In summer a picturesque garden unfolds on several levels, while each table is finely set up to bestow further additional added value to the environment.

The cuisine is characterised by all that is best and typical of the region, and by an endless search for quality and refinement. Imagination, and above all in-depth study of local materials, transform the most classic ideas into imaginative creations. The menu is constantly evolving, with new dishes on offer every month, designed to meet the needs of every customer. It is the ideal place for a quiet break, where you can indulge yourself and enjoy the taste of good food.

Historic Italian locations

The Crotto del Sergente is the last “crotto” of Como, and witness to an ancient tradition where the mountain caves, (or grottos), were exploited for the storage of food and wines. The great old brick vaulting is all original, as is the ice chest and the nineteenth-century door set with historic coins.

Authentic Como

To enjoying the atmosphere of past times in a modern environment. The stone floors revive those of the old taverns where many an afternoon would have been spent playing cards or boules.
The door, the jambs and the tables in perfect harmony to create a convivial atmosphere.

The Staff

All of us that work at the Crotto, whether in the kitchen or the dining hall, commit ourselves each and every day to satisfying the guests.

We aim to add cheer to every visit with the family and professional service led by Massimo Croci, the impeccable owner of the establishment.

“Culture, flavour and history in a synthesis of Italian excellence under one association”

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