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The Mission


Local producers, with all their acquired knowledge, are the backbone and cultural and culinary depositary of our land.

What is Slow Cooking? Our area, our ingenuity, our culture, our travels, our emotions and our creativity as a space in which to express ourselves, to improve, and to grow..

Local producers, with their own special magic, their care and attention, their hard work, their wisdom, their constant research in parallel to our own, are the backbone, cultural and culinary depositary we draw upon. We exchange views and ideas and rely on our reciprocal enthusiasm and ability to excite each other. We all offer traditional and original creations that celebrate and emphasise the excellence and unique qualities of local products.

“The seasons, each with its own fruits at their moment of their ripeness. Respect for the cycles of nature, its times and its places.”

Creativity, at the heart of evolution, and of constant improvement...
It is what keeps us alive and alert.

Our local land, the salt of our emotions...

...a space in which to express ourselves, improve and grow.


The Crotto del Sergente and its chefs Giovanni, Alessandro, Federico e Paolo led by Bruno Camera are all members of the Slow Food alliance and presidia of Italian cooks.

We assure with our cuisine the proper use of products of at least 3 presidia, prioritising those of our own area to ensure full traceability and provide the complete visibility to the Slow Food presidia. The menu itself shows the name of each producer of the food that supplies us.

The cooks in this alliance espouse the Slow Food philosophy, choosing local ingredients, respecting what each season produces, while working directly with small producers, getting to know them and helping them to develop.